Privacy Statement

The challenges on this website are being facilitated by Starthubs. Starthubs' terms and privacy statement apply for use of the website, the creation and use of an account and the participation on challenges.

Starthubs is an online platform of Incredible Crowds B.V. Starthubs also refers to Incredible Crowds B.V. (and vice versa).

General information
Incredible Crowds respects the privacy of Participants. Incredible Crowds recognizes the need for qualified control over personal data known through Starthubs. The personal data of Participants is treated with the utmost care and is securely stored and used in accordance with applicable legislation.
In this Privacy Statement, 'personal data' means all information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person. Other terms in this Privacy Statement that start with a capital letter refer to definitions  described in Starthubs' Terms of Use.

Use of personal data
To be able to participate in Challenges on Starthubs, one needs to create a free Account on the website When creating such an Account, one needs to fill in certain information. Not all information has to be provided, only name and surname and email address are required when creating an Account. When participating in Challenges one has to provide information such as phone number and company details. If one wants to change one's data, one can of course do so through his/her own Account.

Starthubs stores the personal data in connection with the management of the Account. In addition, the personal data will be used for the implementation and progress of the Challenges and for internal business use. Starthubs can use the data to communicate with the Participant about (new) Challenges and to send information about the services and working methods of Starthubs.
Personal data will be processed in accordance with the law and in a proper and careful manner.

Providing personal data to third parties
Providing personal data to third parties is only permitted if:

  • there is a justified or vital interest in such provision and/or
  • the Participant has given permission for this and/or
  • there is a legal obligation to provide and/or
  • there is a contractual obligation to provide and/or
  • there is a public duty (public service task) to provide.

When participating in a Challenge and/or Open Call, the company and personal data are visible to the client (Organization). By participating in a Challenge and/or Open Call Participant gives permission to the Organization to store and use his company and personal data for the purpose of exploring a possible cooperation in the form of a project, assignment, subsidy or investment.

Starthubs will not sell or otherwise provide the personal data to parties who want to use it for spam purposes (by third parties). When participating in a Challenge the Participant explicitly agrees to the provision and processing of his personal data as referred to above.

Company data 
After registration, participation in a Challenge or an Open Call, the company data of Participant is registered in a central database that can be viewed and searched by the participating Organizations. This only concerns the company data and not the personal data. The company data are therefore also visible to third parties other than the Organization (such as incubators and accelerators).

After creating an Account as a Participant, one will be kept informed of new Challenges and deadlines of current Challenges by means of newsletters. Of course Starthubs will not bother Participants with spam. Starthubs is not responsible when these newsletters do not arrive (properly) and/or end up in possible spam folders. In addition, clients have the possibility to inform Participants via Starthubs by sending 'updates' and 'personal messages' with regard to their Challenge(s) or the follow-up of their Challenge(s). ‘Updates' or 'personal messages' can contain important information regarding a current Challenge or the sequel of a Challenge, such as an award ceremony or brainstorming session.

You can unsubscribe from newsletters and updates at any time via your Account. Other communication consists of confirmations of receiving entries, announcements of results of Challenges, invitations for a final and/or another sequel to the Challenge. As a Participant you are not obliged to accept the invitations.

Third parties
It is possible that a Participant makes use of a service or an action of a client, partner or advertiser of Starthubs. If a Participant makes use of a service or an action of a client, partner or advertiser of Starthubs, the privacy rules of the relevant party shall apply at that time. Starthubs has no control over services and/or websites of third parties to which it links. A different privacy statement may apply in such situations.

This Privacy Statement of Starthubs only relates to (personal) data obtained through the Starthubs website. Starthubs does not accept any responsibility or liability for (the operation and/or content of) services and/or websites of third parties.

Starthubs uses Cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard disk or in the memory of the Participant's computer. Cookies are used, for example, to record the preferences one has set for a particular service. In addition, Cookies are used to improve the user experience of the website. Cookies cannot damage one’s computer or the files on the computer. If one does not want to accept cookies, one can indicate this in the browser. It may happen that some parts of the Website will not function properly without cookies. 

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Protection of personal information
Starthubs takes appropriate measures to protect the (personal) data against loss or damage or
any other form of unlawful processing. This data is stored in an encrypted local secure database.

Access, modification and deletion of Participants' data
Starthubs does not retain the personal data of Participants for longer than is necessary for the purpose in question, as described under 'Use of data'. One can always view one's own (personal) data when one wants to and if necessary change or delete it in one’s Account. If one wants to know what data Starthubs has recorded or if one wants to change data that one cannot change via Account, one can reach StartHubs by sending an e-mail to info(a)
Starthubs reserves the right to modify this Privacy Statement.

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