The challenges on this website are being facilitated by Starthubs. Starthubs' terms and privacy statement apply for use of the website, the creation and use of an account and the participation on challenges.

Starthubs is an online platform of Incredible Crowds B.V., Chamber of Commerce number: 30220043, located in Utrecht, Europalaan 100, 3526KS, VAT number NL 8172.41.413.B.01. Starthubs also refers to Incredible Crowds (and vice versa).

1. Definitions
: the page of a Participant on the Starthubs website on which the Participant can adjust his or her profile and what he or she needs to participate in Challenges. To follow Challenges and to receive updates, one also needs to register for an Account.
Challenge: a competition drawn up by Starthubs on behalf of an Organization that is posted on the Website, in which a Participant is challenged to submit (upload) a Pitch. By uploading this Pitch, the Participant will make a chance on winning a prize (such as pilot project, assignment, subsidy or investment).
Participant: a natural or legal person who has created an Account on the Website with the aim of following Challenges or being able to participate in one or more Challenges with his or her start-up or company.
Pitch: a (Pitch) document uploaded by the Participant via the Website (a description of their start-up/ scale-up/company and of an idea, prototype solution, product, service or application) following a particular Challenge.
Starthubs: an online platform where Organizations can publish Innovation Challenges, to which Participants can respond by uploading their Pitch via the Website. Starthubs only acts as a facilitating party.
Organization: company or organization that has commissioned Starthubs to publish a Challenge. After the deadline, the Organization will determine which Participant(s) has (have) won the Challenge and/or with which Participant(s) follow-up appointments will be made.
Website: the website of Starthubs: www.Starthubs.co.

2. Applicability
These Terms of Use apply to all Participants in Challenges of Starthubs. The applicability of any other conditions is explicitly rejected.
2.2 One is a Participant if one has created an Account. By creating an Account on the Website, the user agrees to these Terms of Use and related information (including briefings, privacy terms). Starthubs has the right to change these Terms of Use at any time. Participants will be informed accordingly.

3. Starthubs’ way of working
Starthubs offers an online platform for Organizations (clients) where they can organize a Challenge. Participants can respond by uploading their Pitch and Participants have a chance to win a pilot project, assignment, subsidy or investment.
3.2 Article 3.1 explicitly refers to 'the chance of'. Starthubs offers Participants no guarantee that they will actually be awarded a project, assignment, subsidy or investment. Participants cannot derive any rights from this.
3.3 Starthubs reserves the right at all times to refuse Participants, to change or cancel a Challenge and/or to deny a Participant access to the Website.

4. Challenges
Starthubs brings a Challenge to attention by sending emails, by promotion and by placing information on its Website. Participants who want to participate in a certain Challenge, need to upload their Pitch (document) before the deadline. The Pitch (document) must meet the requirements in these conditions or in other applicable documents. Pitch (documents), received after the deadline, will not be processed.
4.2 It is not possible to correspond with Starthubs or the Organization or a certain jury about the results or the assessment of a Challenge.
4.3 Starthubs can provide further information (briefings) about the Challenge in question. This information, including additional conditions, must be read carefully by the Participant and complied with at all times.
4.4 Starthubs and the Organizations take the necessary care when placing Challenges of the Organizations on the website of Starthubs but are not liable for typing errors or possible (other) inaccuracies.

5. Uploading a Pitch (document) in a Challenge
Participants need to upload their Pitch (document) via the Website, on the Challenge page of the Organization concerned, which can then view this (Pitch document) online.

6. Uploading a Pitch (document) at ‘Open Call’
Participants can, instead of the provisions of Article 5.1, upload an 'Open Call (document)' via the Website, all this to the extent that the possibility of 'Open Call' is open. The Organization or Starthubs is not obliged to offer the possibility of an 'Open Call'.
6.2 The provisions of these Terms of Use also apply to an 'Open Call'.

7. Publication of Participation
Participants must take into account that the Organization (or Starthubs) will announce on the Website or on its own website which Participants have been selected for a next round or a final, pilot project, assignment or subsidy.
7.2 While it will not be necessary for most Participating Organizations to communicate the content of the winning entries, Participants should bear this in mind. Starthubs is not responsible for this.

8. Participation
Participation is only possible for natural persons acting in the exercise of a profession or business or for legal persons, all this insofar as they are correctly registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce.
8.2 Starthubs reserves all rights to refuse Participants for any reason. For example, the fact that the requirements of this article have not been met or - but not limited to - the fact that Participant runs a business with a purpose that does not 'lend itself' to the Challenge.
8.3 Registration is only possible by someone who is legally entitled to represent the natural or legal person.

9. Multiple Pitches per Participant allowed
It is permitted to submit (upload) multiple Pitches unless otherwise stated in the "briefing" and/or "terms and conditions" of a specific Challenge.

10. Intellectual property rights
The intellectual property rights of the Pitch (the work) remain in principle with Participant. When the Organization and Participant decide to enter into a cooperation after the Challenge, they will, if applicable, make further arrangements with regard to the intellectual property rights to the work, such as copyright and all other related or neighbouring rights that Participant has on the work. Starthubs plays no role in the latter (only facilitating) and can never be held accountable for this.
10.2 It is known to Participant that the Organization takes note of the content of the Pitch of Participant. By uploading the Pitch Participant explicitly agrees to this.
10.3 It may happen that the Organization has made the same or a similar project/idea as the Pitch of Participant and implements it in practice. Participant cannot derive any rights from this.

11. The prizes
The winner(s) will be announced on the Website and may be eligible for prizes.
11.2 This explicitly concerns 'the chance' of prizes. Starthubs offers Participants no guarantee that Participants will actually receive a prize such as a project, assignment, subsidy or investment, unless the assignment states otherwise in writing.

12. Forbidden information
This article contains a non-exhaustive list of information that Participants are not allowed to include or mention in or with their Pitch. Participant guarantees that his/her Pitch does not contain the following information:
- information that is discriminating or otherwise offensive;
- information that is contrary to morality;
- information in which personal data of others are made available;
- information which is contrary to any law or regulation.

13. Liability Starthubs
Starthubs is not responsible for the content of the Challenges and the briefings, the assessment of the concepts, the result as well as the sequel to the result and the content of the Pitches.
13.2 Starthubs will not be liable for any damages resulting from any breach of any agreement (whether or not attributable) to Starthubs' performance of the service agreement, use of the Website or participation in Challenges and/or any related services of StartHubs.
13.3 To the extent that any liability rests with Starthubs, the liability is limited to the net prize money paid to the Participant (excluding VAT) with a maximum of € 1,000 for the service(s) from which the liability of StartHubs arises.
13.4 Starthubs is never liable for consequential damages. In addition, Starthubs is not liable for acts or omissions of Participants and third parties, including the files, data, etc. that they make available on the Starthubs Website. Starthubs therefore gives no guarantees regarding the content of files, data, information and/or materials made available by Participants and third parties.
13.5 Any right to compensation always requires that the damage is reported in writing to Starthubs as soon as possible after its occurrence.
13.6 Participant indemnifies Starthubs from possible claims of third parties in connection with damage as a result of a defect/error in the Pitch (content/form), use of certain materials without permission of third parties and all other claims of third parties concerning the contents and the form of the Pitch.

14. Other
These Terms of Use are governed by Dutch law.
14.2 Any disputes arising from this agreement will be submitted to the competent court in Midden-Nederland.

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